ING New York Marathon 2011 | The problem with walking!

What am I doing walking?

Well this wasn’t part of my training but part of what I do as a garden designer and lover of gardens.

I took a couple of days out to visit RHS Chelsea Flower Show and Stourhead Garden –

RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2011

RHS Chelsea and the 'Wonkavator'

Stourhead for my wife's birthday!


and I walked – a lot! Now it wasn’t the walking so much as the shoes…

walking shoes

Whoever would have thought that at the end of the two days I would be in need of serious physio to get back running?

These cause me so much pain they have now been consigned to the bin. The reason is that after the years of running the cartilage in my feet seems to have worn a little and has resulted in a bony outcrop on top. When this rubs against shoe leather it aggravates the tendons running down to my toes. The result is excruciating and has only been resolved using lasers and ibuprofen.

The good news is that I am on the mend and have managed to get back to running quite quickly – so less walking for me from now on!

Please support my efforts by adding a few words of encouragement and following this link to my JustGiving page – I am hoping to raise around £3,000 for Asthma UK and need all the help I can get!


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